Date Night


fancy curtains

The streets within the Sony lot

a sign?

Lot 22

Saturday night Jersey and I ventured down to the Sony lots to see the new movie, Moneyball.

Great movie I have to say. I'm not really a Pitt fan...I never went goo goo over the man's blue eyes, but I have to say he's starting to remind me of a Robert Redford.

The movie was fascinating (true story by the way). I swear it makes you appreciate the game of baseball; makes you appreciate dreams and definitely makes you appreciate folks who bring integrity to their pursuits.
I'm a bit of a sucker for films like this one...

I left that Sony theater (those little theaters meant for big wigs and the stars from the movie to watch in) and felt renewed about acting. I looked up at the sky and asked God in front of Jersey about being ready and why I'm always so close to the dream I want and how I can never really touch it.

I didn't stay in the lot that long but hopefully soon I'll get some quiet time and be able to see if I'll finally hear some answers...


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