I was so happy when Diva Dara offered to help me clean our nasty, ghetto, slum of an apartment that we moved out of. I almost wept actually, but nothing prepared me for her and her child to actually be as geeked as me to clean at the butt crack of dawn.

She went to Porto's, picked us up coffees and breakfast sandwhiches and we were off. It took us less than an hour to scrub that place decently. We spent the rest of the time laughing at Nehe play with croissants on the living room carpet.

That girl scrubbed walls for me...I think in some cultures that means I owe her my first born...or at least a bottle of lavendar lysol cleaner.

The apartment is completely gutted and cleaned the heck out. I never have to return there again. When Jersey said that to me I looked at him as though he had said he couldn't wait to have my Jesus fro babies. It was a lovely, endearing moment. I swear to mother truckin' Mr. Clean.


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