Barney's Version

This movie...Oh this movie.

I'm a sucker for watching true love stories unfold before my very eyes...I watch countless romantic comedies in the hope that I'll find two believable peeps who actually make me believe they're in love. I hate it when they've known each other for three seconds and it's on and poppin. Show me the chemistry and time yo!

I got both quality AND time in Barney's Version. I really didn't think I'd like this movie. I didn't know how it got in my queue...didn't necessarily dig the premise, but I was glued to my boob tube yesterday. The movie ended with me in tears...I just couldn't get over how frickin powerful the storyline was.

Paul Giamatti became my new boo...and that's hard to do. He's not the most boo-worthy dude to swoon over. The acting was good. The banter between the characters was brutally honest and crazy interesting.

I couldn't sleep last night after it was over. I just couldn't get the story out of my head.

Totally recommend this movie if you need a good soul-stirrer. It'll stir your ish like a kitchen aid mixer...and then pour your heart out onto the floor, liquid goo-like.


  1. I watched this recently. It was sad but real. I <3 Paul Giamatti.

  2. Ok, an ish smoothie is not a tantalizing visual. And explain how your quest for "true love" stories leads you to Hollywood romantic comedies.

    Nonetheless, I'll search out the flick on my DVR for a night on the couch with my true love.

  3. lol now Mike, when have I ever given a tantalizing visual? tsk tsk (FART!)

    You shall both love it...I warn you though, get your love some tissue.


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