We're Moving!!!

Holy bumber dicks!!! We're moving!!! I've been wanting to share the news that we had found a most glorious and perfect town home, but alas the last groovy spot we found was snatched out from underneath us so I decided not to jinx it. Do you know how hard it is for ME to keep something bottled up inside?!

Pure agony.

Any who, we shall be moving mid September and I can not wait. I woke up this morning, sick as a dog, and still managed to hop around my room for a couple of seconds wondering what I can pack up first. We're hiring a moving company this time around so moving doesn't phase me as much as it used to...

Best part of this whole darn thing...I shall have my very own writing nook! Didn't I say I wanted one of those? Well I did on Facebook so if we're friends there you probably saw it. Ask and you shall receive...

I shall have a nook. Jersey shall have a man cave/guest bedroom. (Do you know how hard it will be to give this dude full control on decorating the room my parents will be staying in when they come to visit?...sigh sigh sigh...) AND we shall have oodles and oodles of space. How I missed space! Our current pad is a tiny arse shack. I can't wait to give it and it's issues the middle finger...full extension...won't even care that my finger looks like E.T.'s.

We've been looking for so long...Yesterday I was at an event for FBG when Jersey texted, "We got the place!" and I swear I almost started crying right there and then as the celebrity secret carried on with her demonstration.

No more apartment hunting for us!!! Can sign...Can pen-a-men! Can sign! Can pen-a-men!!!

I've been keeping the application receipt on our fridge like a mad woman...staring it down every chance I got.



    And yay for where you're moving to ;)

  2. Wheeeeee! Congrats!
    (and a writing nook? SO JEALOUS!)

  3. I know! I can't wait!!! for the nook that is...I'm by no means a rich broad so it'll all happen little by little, but I shall take pictures as we go. (I think I shall skip Jersey's tacky man room.)


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