Weekend Recap

Jersey and I flew to Sacramento to celebrate my play sister's birthday. It felt so gooood hopping on that plane and getting the heck out of Los Angeles. We've been searching like two piggies searching for truffles for a dang apartment...it really took it out of us. I was losing kiwi power rapidly. We've had to save, save, SAVE in order to pay not only a last month's rent,a  "first month's rent, but also we knew we'd have to pay on the current place too...overlapping SUUUUCKS the green stuff right out of your pockets I tell ya!

So yeah...a cheap, affordable vacay with good peeps? Yes, please!

Play sis picked us up from the airport and the rest of the weekend was a blur of good eats, fast and stressful driving (luv ya sis, but youz a crazy road rager!) and friend-y stuff like house partying, laughing and catching up...

Those kinds of weekends always seem to flash by. Before we knew it, we had landed safely back in LA and were chilling at the LACMA drooling over Tim Burton's awesome art. That man's mind is amazing. Who knew suburban (Burbank) life could do that to a bloke.

✴1. Goofs on a plane, 2. Obsessed with Hurricane Irene...and Diane Sawyer, 3. Chele brought accessories to make a new Sac bar The Dive more festive, 4. Beautiful mojito from Azul, 5. House party essentials, 6. Pinnacle, 7. Waiting in line for THE best french toast...IN THE WORLD, 8. LACMA time, 9. Tim Burton, 10. Entrance to awesome pure weirdness, 11. Great day at LACMA! ✴


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