To Put it Bluntly

This is not an illegal substance wrapped in a huge blunt-looking contraption. It is sage, people! My poor, goodie goodie boyfriend saw me taking pictures of the sage and asked if I was attempting to make it look like a bong.

No Jersey...Unless I somehow make it look like a glass kazoo of sorts then no...but maybe it could look like a blunt...? Maybe? It's so cute that he doesn't know the proper gangster word to use. Just want to pinch his little Asian cheeks, give him some warm milk, and scoot him off to bed.

Truly special.

My Twinkie actually sent me this particular sage bundle. She sent it moons ago for another apartment, but I swear there's some weird ish lurking about this place. On any given day you might catch me lighting this on fire and letting the smoke touch all the corners of our apartment. I'll definitely be sporting a serious look on my face because I know what this ish can do! Bad spirits don't like it when you try to clean 'em up and make them nice.

We need to yesterday.


  1. Glad you like and use it. We never go a few days without burning some sage. We like the smell and it just makes us feel better.

  2. oh wow! so there's no evil spirits in your place!

  3. Nope. Just that ghost of a confederate soldier who lives in the attic. JUST KIDDING! There are no ghosts in our house. Our place it too damn small to fit another person -- spirit or not.


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