Androgyny FOREVER!!!

Feeling a little blah at work? Don't have the kind of voice necessary to tell the stinky fellow two seats down to put his muther trucker shoes BACK ON!? Wear suspenders. I don't know what it is about dressing like a dude, but it brings a swagger unlike any other.

I'm so not into dressing to impress, but I am interested in clothes serving functions... (i.e. I need to squat; must wear jeans or I feel like being all powerful; must wear bow ties or suspenders.)

Pop 'em like you mean it...just be careful...wedgies are possible.


  1. I love that most of your posts occur during work hours. Stick it to the man!

  2. Oh I'm such a fan of impromptu pics on the job. I usually write at night when my mind has had time to stop bleeding, but I get most of my inspiration in random spurts through out the day.

    I think I might go crazy if I didn't think of life outside of this prison...It's the medicine that keeps my stabbiness at bay.

  3. I'm wearing a pageboy cap today and similarly feeling like I can rock it out. Digging the suspenders, m'lady :)

  4. See! It totally works! A gift from Diva Dara that just keeps on giving.

  5. You're such an adorable nerd.


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