Spiritual Junkie

Man I love me some J Boogie!

This home girl always has my back when it comes to lifting me up. She's just one of those Oprah-esque chicks who always tries to find the positive message...Then she emails it to me with a smiley face and waits for my commentary.

It doesn't matter how funktafied my mornings are. I always feel better after a round of gratitudes with my gal. Lately she's been sending me these amazing vlogs from this woman named Gabby Bernstein. Self-described spiritual junkie and book author, Miss Thang offers some of the best Monday morning lessons a person can get.

I always feel a bit lighter after listening. Feel even better after I've had the chance to chat about her message with J. Do you have a spiritual guru or some source of all things good you go to for mental pick me ups?


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