Six Years in LA

No pomp and circumstance for this year's anniversary. Jersey and I celebrated my sixth sensibly. (We're currently on the apartment hunt so we're trying not to go financially buck buck.)

First we hit up a restaurant in our hood called Lemonade. I actually peeped the Venice restaurant a couple months back, but we just never got the chance to try it out. Friday we were both feeling jaded with food so hitting up a new spot was perfect. Set up like a cafeteria, Lemonade is this quirky little place that serves up some delicious grub; not to mention THE best lemonade EVER. I had the ginger peach lemonade. Jersey slurped down a watermelon rosemary concoction.

I'm twitching from that crackalicious beverage...MUST.HAVE.AGAIN!

After that we came home and watched the newest version of Arthur. Good job on the remake! Without spoiling it for those who may not have seen it, it's worth your brain and eyeballs' time.

Funny, sweet and interesting. Russell Brand used to make my ass twitch. He was such an obnoxious comedian, but this movie redeemed the Brit for sure. I guarantee at the end of the movie you'll be singing, "When you get caught between the moon and New York Cityyyyyy."

Overall it was just the kind of celebration I needed. Six years is so hard to wrap my head around right now. I've been so caught up on basic life struggles...been hard to take a look at acting and writing. Six years of off and on dream chasing...

Still trying to figure out what it all means. Some things never change.


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