Santa Monica at Night

Photo by Tish.

So Jersey and I are on the prowl for a new apartment. We've decided 500 square feet for two rather large individuals spells relationship hell so we've been hunting for a bigger pad.

The rub: There's no such thing as a big pad in the Santa Monica area...unless you want to pay $2500 for a one bedroom hole without a washer or a dryer (No Midwestern friends, I kid you not.)

Because of that dreadful little fact, we've actually been looking back in the valley. (Blood curdling scream from the peanut gallery!) We found this beautiful place with tons of room, exposed beams, nostalgic architecture, AND it's cheaper than two buck Chuck on a good day.

...The only problem with the perfect valley apartment? It doesn't come with Santa Monica!!! It doesn't come with cool beach temperatures. How I love looking up the weather in different parts of LA--100 degrees in Woodland Hills...74 degrees in Santa Monica. Waka waka, what a difference a hill makes!
Conundrums are in my future...


  1. Does it come with central air? Because having that makes living in the wacky heat more than bearable.

    And hey, I live in The Valley! It's not THAT bad!

  2. It's all about working in Hades (I mean the Valley) and not being able to touch your safety belt because it will burn off your skin...then finally getting over that hill and watching as the temperature drops 30 degrees...That's magic. I need the magic!!!


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