Sacramento Sister

Oodle-lay Oodle-la!

After work today I shall be hopping on a plane-a-roo with Jersey. We're visiting my play sis, (The Professor) and I couldn't be more excited.

It's her birthday this weekend so we're heading to Sacramento to celebrate. I absolutely LOVE visiting this woman. She's a fun hostess...when I say the girl can make a mean gummy bear cocktail...

I'm not jesting when I say she throws down!

This will be Jersey's first time visiting her and her husband's home so I'm even more stoked than usual. Professor is one of those movers and shakers who keep the world going 'round. She's always up for trying new restaurants, new games, new foods, new new new! Finally Jersey will see why I love visiting this woman so much. It's like Aladdin time every day there!

We took Monday off and plan to check out the Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA, too. When I say I can't wait for this dreadful work week to be over so lovely can begin....


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