Romance Hoochiness

Gabby posted a sweet little Vlog on Monday about friendship that really melted my butter. Basically, homegirl believes we can't just give all of our love mojo to our mate and expect that to workout well. We have to share the love...we have to honor the real, honest to goodness loves that we find in our friendships...and the relationships we have with our pets, too!

Preaching to me about how snazzy friendships are is pretty much a proverbial preach to the choir of kiwi. I'm pro-friend...I'm down with amigos. I honk for homies.

According to Lisa Bloom, my latest and greatest shero, girlfriends are critical to long-term happiness.  They raise us up, make us better people and inspire us to be the person we want to be. I couldn't agree more.

It IS Romance Awareness Month, after all! Appreciate those friendships! Thank the ones who keep your sanity intact, prevent you from popping people in their throats, and most importantly, keeping syphilis and weird homeless people who prey on folks walking alone at bay.



  1. Awwww. So glad we met those years ago at Rock the Bells and became friends. And that picture of us makes me laugh. Had so much fun with you guys.

  2. I honk for homies, too! Friend romance!!! :)

  3. coachella's going down as one of my all time greatest moments of 2011!


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