Reverse House Warming Gift

So I kind of love our new land lady. Mark originally met her without me so she was warned that I'm pretty particular when it came to apartments...I could see a look of fear in her eyes when I walked in and waited for her to close the door to see if it would cancel out the noise coming from outside.

I stopped being a hussy brat after that, though because she's seriously too sweet and kind for words. You can tell that she loved the townhome we'll be renting. They had lived there for 11 years...She spent those years putting her personal touches on everything. The whole place explodes with loveliness.

I have a knack for getting people to just splurge their business with me. By the end of my tour I had learned that the only reason they were moving is because their eldest daughter wanted a room of her own. (Now you KNOW I love a gal who wants a room of her own!)  She told me how the youngest was really sad. I assumed she was scared, but her mom was quick to point out I couldn't be more wrong.

Apparently the oldest tells her sibling fairy tales every night before bed and the little one misses that time she had with her sis. That about just melted my little biddy heart. I couldn't resist.

Today at noon we'll sign the paperwork and I shall present the Mrs. with a little gift for the girls--Ramona and Beezus--Jersey and I's favorite kid's movie. Ya just have to spoil the crap out of relationships such as that.


A little thank you for helping us find the perfect casa de kiwi!


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