Rabbit Hole

I first saw a smidge of the movie Rabbit Hole on Oprah. The lovely Nicole popped in to promote it and I was instantly hooked. Not enough apparently to fork over the money to go to an actual theater, but I definitely was intrigued. Then my blogger bud Susan posted on Facebook that she had dug it so it was on like Donkey Kong.

Nicole's acting was awesome sauce. The writing was fantastic, too. I swear I'm so sick of recyled plots...It was good to see something substantial with some serious integrity...I enjoy some good farty burp flicks, but that doesn't stop me from twitching out of sheer mush brain if I've gone too long without some quality.

This movie was quality. I told J she had to watch it...but then I had to boomerang it and tell her she couldn't watch it if she needed a good perky flick. This is not the film that leaves you smiling and floating on clouds.

This is the film that makes you think and makes you cry...this is the film that makes you lean over as close as you can to the TV to see if Nicole can wrinkle her forehead or not.



  1. Kidman was awesome in this movie. The places she had to take herself to convey that level of emotion and despair... SMH.


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