Patience is a Virtue


I'm impulsive when it comes to shopping because I hate shopping and I don't want to sit on web sites and wait or keep going back to dreadful malls in hopes that something is on sale...I have better ish to be writing about poop...and EDITING MY FRICK-A-FRACKIN BOOK!

The dress above was the first time, in the history of me having money to shop for my own ish, that I was ever patient. I saw that beautiful goddess frock and gasped. Then I gasped again when I saw the price. Then I said "Shaw, right! And monkeys might fly out of my butt!" and then I went about my business....but the dress kept calling me. Every time I'd forget about her Jersey would bring up how awesome the dress was or I'd stumble across it randomly on my Pinterest page and my heart would twist in knots. Still...I'm cheap and that dress didn't go on sale.

That is until this passed weekend went it went down redonkulously a lot and THEN a friend of mine who has a friend who works at Jcrew offered to give me her discount so now that dress that I never would have been able to afford in a million kazillion years is Forever 21-priced. (Happy pelvic thrusting!!!)

It was meant to be....That is all.


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