On Mini Holiday

Jersey and I are currently on mini holiday in Northern California.

We shall not return until Tuesday and THAT my friends is a beautiful thing. We've rested, we've had some goody mob spirits with friends and eaten like little black holes. It's not over yet, either! Today we plan to board a plane and catch an exhibit at LACMA. I've been needing some culture in my life.

I'll also have an update laters on the menjay regarding one of the emotional vampires, but before I can go there I need to do some breathing exercises... A little woo saw.

It was a lovely weekend, but I knew that going in. Jersey and I were bouncing off the walls all frickin day on Friday. Sometimes you just have to take a break from routine...Weekend trips to visit friends does a body good.

Geeked for the trip

I luv him enough to give up the window seat...


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