Losing it!



Tishy lost her dang mind yesterday at work. Doing the same thing, day-in-day-out "makes me INSANE!!! bell bell bell bell!"

So what did I do? I went home and did whatever I could to change it up. That meant NOT cooking ish for dinner. I bought some Apple Jacks and called it a night. I haven't had those bad boys since I was a kid.
Do you see the apple clones?! The red triangle things are called clones...Apple Jacks has gone through some scientific, genetic changes while I was gone!

Totally yummy kidrific decision, but something's gotta change soon! The Kellogg's shake up will only last so long...


  1. I bought Apple Jacks when my siblings were in town, except they never got around to eating any so now I have a box of Apple Jacks in the house that I'll have to eat. There goes that creepy twin isht again.

  2. please don't kill anyone. if you get the urge, point the gun at someone's desktop troll collection.


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