Limitless was a good darn movie, y'all!!!

Crazy poetic-like lights and quick camera angles + an excellent story line + a character I could root for + girls (plural) I could root for + everyone's dream...well, every NERD'S dream = TOTALLY WICKED!!! (Dash Incredible-style)

I didn't gush over Bradley Cooper, (he's not really my bag, baby) but I DID drool over his brain's capabilities. He finished his first novel in four days. FOUR DAYS!!! How beautiful is THAT!!! He did a lot of other awesome things like organize and clean too and THAT makes me happy! Like super duper Mr. Clean! Mr. Clean happy!

Okay, so maybe not everyone's into cleaning quite like me...the movie's still good, though! I recommend watching it when you start to brain fart, or when you're stuck on a project, or when you've got writer's block at the wazoo...This movie will make you WISH the movies were real.


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