Letter to Camp

So my little homie, T Dawg, is at camp this week so his cool mamacita gave me his fax number so I could send him a letter. Yeah...kids don't DO snail mail anymore...Duh.

Yo T Dawg!

I hear you’re at camp this week. Awesome sauce. Hope it’s sweet and I hope you bump into your long-lost twin like in the movie “The Parent Trap”. People always go to camp and find they have a twin and then life is cooler.

I wish I had gotten a chance to go to camp as a kid? I so wanted to find my long lost twin...unfortunately I baby sat my kid sisters every summer so my twin is STILL sitting at that dang camp, underneath the totem pole, waiting for her mirror image to come and switch places with her.
If you see her, please tell her to go home. Give up the dream!


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