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Jersey sent me this link today...60 times. Now that I'm on my millionth draft of my first book; I can relate.

I was thinking long and hard about my book as I tried to drift off to sleep last night. They say when you want something you're supposed to imagine what it will feel like once you've gotten it. I try to feel the sense of accomplishment from actually finishing such a lofty project. I try to feel the sense of pride that comes with saying, "Yes, I've been published."

This book, by no means, is gonna put me up there in Twilight/Danielle Steele land of cashola. I wonder why I have this urgent sense to always write...I've always written...always journaled and I've always done it with an audience in mind. There's something beyond my mental grasp that keeps telling me I'm supposed to write and I'm supposed to share it.

That makes feeling the future stuff hard...How do you visualize when you don't know why you have to, you just do?



  1. http://www.dailywritingtips.com/famous-books-rejected-multiple-times/


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