In the midst of some needlessly crazy drama, I'm finding it difficult to multitask.

I've found myself free of negative "friendships" and open to honoring the phenomenal women that I can see are good for me, BUT that doesn't stop me from thinking some nasty, mean things about certain females.

I'm not naive. I realize not every gal is a good egg and that I can't say something nice about the rotten chicks, but can I realize that without focusing on it? Because the LAST thing I want to do is pull those bad people back towards me! I figure my life will go where my eyes go first. So for now...I choose to look at the good people and celebrate the lovely adjectives that make these women some kind of snazzy.

Of course J is first. She's the soul mate, the bestie and the one person I have to gab with every day in order to maintain sanity. She's responsible for my gratitude lists, my positive perspectives and obviously she's the root cause for my loving Gingers so much.

I can feel it in the air...we're starting to plan our next outing...it's in the works and I shall squeal like a pig when that stuff is set in stone. While emails and phone calls are lovely, I need to see this chick's face at least twice a year.

Love the friends who bring out your best...love the friends who give you their best...honor the friendship that produces the best.


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