The Help

Last Friday I met up with my gal pal, Diva Dara, to watch the book/turned movie, The Help. I fancied sharing my opinion given all the ridiculously crappy commentary out there regarding the movie's race issues.

There's a difference between doing a Tyler Perry movie that requires an actor to act like a damn fool. There's no purpose, no cultural merit, no flippin' point whatsoever to honor such characters...I'm not a fan of Mr. Perry's movies, can you tell?

With that said, The Help is nothing like that bull spit!!! This is a film about the complexities and the viciously tragic peculiarities of race in the 1960s. Why would folks NOT want to be a part of a powerful story that has the ability to make people think and feel something?

Numb nuts who complain just to complain that's who! This movie brought out my inner schizophrenic. I laughed, then cried, then snorted some more, then gasped, then scowled...I was all over the place, emotionally speaking.

...And at the end of it I wanted to call up everyone important to me and force them to watch the film. I want my future children to watch it so that they can see a past that still lingers in the air. I loved all the actresses in this darn film...I cried when the movie was over. I wasn't ready to let go of their faces quite yet.

I swear to abolitionists, I will pop someone in the throat if they approach me with more of that "Great White Hope" shat that people are flinging at the movie. Sick...and seriously too narrow minded to see what they're missing out on.


  1. Did you read the book? I did and can't wait to see the movie. Glad to hear you enjoyed it... :)

  2. I loved this book! So did my entire book club. I can't wait to see the movie and was surprised to see it get bad reviews. I'm glad to hear that you liked it!

  3. It was touching. Darn folks have their panties on too tight.



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