Goonies Never Say Die!

Oh what a lovely weekend! I had to work both Saturday and Sunday for a couple hours, but it didn't even phase me arse because the rest of the time I was hanging with my guy and the Loverchinis and it was stupendously awesome!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early (groan) and went on a hike with the Loverchinis at Runyon. (groan squared) and then had brunch at Jersey and I's favorite spot in Santa Monica, Lazy Daisy. I wrote about it for FBG so be on the lookout for that lovely little post about almost dying in the Hollywood hills. Good times...

Later that night we met back up with our favorite couple for a movie in the park. Celina had never seen Goonies before so it was a mandatory date night. We filled up on my favorite Kansas City beer cocktails (The Diesel: a mix of root beer and Guinness), a special vodka tea drink Omar concocted (such a fabulous foodie he is!) and delish sandwiches.

It was the perfect Saturday night, filled with the perfect people....

Not only do I love this guy, but I also value his knees to lean on

The goyles

Just hanging out shooting the shat


Omar and I both worship all things bulldog. This little dude was a riot the entire time.

Robert Davi was there!!!


  1. I don't appreciate your bulldog love. You must only love me!

  2. looks like soooo much fun!! :) i need a summer in LA.

  3. Kiwi, the fact that I can worship those little fat dogs so very much and still think you're the bee's knees should give you the confidence that my personal luv goes only to you. please don't bite me when I visit.

    @Nedra you are SO welcome anytime sister!


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