A Gangsta Challenge

Jersey and I are like night and frickin' day when it comes to some stuff...like reading.

I'm a gangsta bookworm and he's the dude that stopped reading books when college ended...Okay, I'm lying. He stopped reading books when his identical twin brother started doing the tests for him.

A couple of nights ago he had the audacity to make fun of me and my love of books so I challenged him to the only gangsta duel I knew: A readathon.

He has to read three books in a month. If he does not, I get to continue to pick on him for not reading AND he has to buy me three books. Mwahahaha...

If he reads three books, I have to buy him three stinkin DVDs. I know you're thinking three books is a lot, but dude I even told him he could read children's books! And he STILL picked up his first book, stared at it, said it made him sleepy and then turned over and went to bed.

This will be the easiest book hustle known to man. Mwahahahahaaaaaaaaa (again)

When I'm bored I play on Abe Books...a site with rare collectibles. Think Jersey may have to get me a first edition Dr. Seuss...I never did specify which three books I wanted.


  1. If I help you sabotage him, can I get one of the three book choices? ;)

  2. Shame Brigid! We WANT him to read! lol

  3. Hey, anytime the payoff is books I will do just about anything to achieve said payoff -- even if it keeps other people from reading :)

    However, if you wanted suggestions of things for him to read, I'd be happy to supply those as well.

  4. lol I'm sure he'd be scared if he saw your list!

  5. You might as well start figuring out now which three books you'll want. You got this.

  6. Dang y'all! Promote the reading! lol Poor Jersey


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