Fugitive Pieces

Sometimes that boy Jersey sheds all evidence that he's a typical male and blows my darn mind. Friday night we decided to stay in and take advantage of home.

We watched a Jennifer Anniston flick called The Switch and then he started fumbling around Netflix and chose a movie that took my breath away. It was a movie about a Holocaust survivor that left me willfully sad yet peaceful. I watched poetry...

I would clutch my chest and suck back tears...then look over at Jersey and see this solemn look on his face and my heart would melt. I tend to think dudes are emotional robots...I forget they can get sucked into a story like we gals can...

He didn't feel my grief when I came home to his stinky messes all those times...Don't judge me for being surprised the man can relate to a scared little boy who misses his sister!


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