Flower Power

Photo by Tishy

In my former life I was either Thumbalina or a horticulturist...I can't walk by a flower without snapping a picture of it...I think if I were to try not stopping I might implode.

You'd think this fascination would transcend into loving Georgia O'Keeffe's stuff, but sadly I just see vajayjay and that's just awkward.


  1. Crikey! Reading this blog has involved some googling too! I have just googled Georgia O'Keeffe but I am struggling to find the vajajay.. but then I always sucked at Rorschach tests...I keep seeing ink blots...

    Anyway, I am reading on but I need to know, obviously as I am a Kiwi, why the word "kiwi" in your blog? Perhaps I haven't read enough yet! :-)

  2. Is crikey kiwi-esque? I learned something new today!

    I just loved the color kiwi when I was a kid so the name stuck and spread to all things kiwi...fruit, bird, country, etc

    simple and weird.

  3. "Crikey" is sort of Antipodean - both the Aussies and us Kiwis use it, Steve Irwin was reknowned for it and he is definitely Aussie.

    I have never thought of "Kiwi" as a colour, just a bird, fruit and a people!

  4. Heeeck yeah it's a color. Made popular around 1996 lol.

  5. lol! I don't think it would work here!

    "Hey Mate, choice new car ya got there mate.. er.. what colour d'ya call that?"

    "Err... is says Kiwi in the manual, mate.."

    "Strewth, looks green to me...!"


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