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Me: My poor hoo hoo is sick. I think the antibiotics gave me some issues after all. I feel icky.

Jersey: Uhhhh, wow. Thank you for that, but sorry she's not feeling well.

Me: I'm gonna work out and then I'm gonna go home and take care of that mess.

Jersey: I'll take care of it for you, babe.

Me: ??? Um, you're going to insert the pill for me?

Jersey: Aren't we talking about the dishes?

Me: No...Mr. Communication breakdown.

I need a scientist to study this and pinpoint exactly where in this ish a man starts to hear one way while a woman is talking the other way...


  1. LOL! Definitely a communication breakdown. Yeah, you definitely were not referring to the dishes. That's too funny though!

  2. I just don't get it...How can men and women be so different?! Jeez mon!

  3. Love it! Love that he's offering to do the dishes too!

  4. I know, right?! He's seriously an A+ boyfriend in the clean category. Dude folds like he just graduated from the Jcrew division of the Marines...He DEEP cleans which means he actually busts out real cleaning product and he lights candles.

    This somewhat makes up for the fact that he can't understand a lick of what I say.


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