Emotionally Athletic

Emotionally Athletic
A phrase I recently coined. It refers to folks who can handle those stressful emotional games people play. I'm not emotionally athletic...I don't dig the mental games. Don't you hurl your balls of shame and blame at me!
Word to your mutha, Willie!
I love pulling a Shakespeare and creating new words and phrases. This week I've been on fire...creating words like karmatic and the phrase above. (Karmatic's definition--an adjective which refers to the epic instance when karma hits.)

Language and communication...Isn't it a pickle of a problem?

Sometimes we can't communicate because of passive aggressive tendencies...we don't want to rock someone's crazy boat. Other times we just don't have the right words to say what we really mean. Our language limits us at times...and that's where blabbing out new words comes in handy! Never at a loss for a description...always searching for how to say something...

Jersey says when I'm happy or nervous I tend to wiggle. I literally start to squirm in my seat or dance about like I've got ants in my pants. Since he pointed it out I've start noticed it, but it's always a surprise when I catch myself doing it. Are you really dancing at the waitress trying to take your order, Tish? Are you really shimmying in front of the woman showing you this apartment, woman?! Man is it hard to control the body language I exude! I have no poker face. Don't trust me to play hardball with a car dealer...My wiggles give me away instantly.

I think I'll stick to my strong points and hang on to the gift of gab.


  1. I tend to do a happy dance when I'm eating or drinking something delicious. Food makes me wiggle.


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