Burnt Out

I am just burnt out on life right now.

The economy is sooo bad for those workers who are burnt out, fried to a crispy crisp. I feel totally guilty for hating my job, but I swear no matter how hard I work, there's no hope for raises or promotions...

The whole financial hiccups don't hold up well considering my current apartment has allowed black mold to come in and party. I have to get out of that place...It's physically making me sick, but saving up for a new place sucks balls. This, my friends, is what you'd call living between a rock and a hard place.

I got a speeding ticket last night...first speeding ticket in California. I've been here six years. I had to go all the way down to Newport Beach (the land of rich racists) to get one. Rich racists, Tish? That's kind of harsh...well how about I walked into a bar to wait for my cousin and sister to arrive and everyone stared like I was in a saloon asking for milk. The lights go out on the whole block and someone in the joint says, "Oh, that's Obama's fault for not paying the bills." Then someone hushes him and looks at me. HUH!? Did I miss something? Are you not allowed to talk about Obama because I'm a minority and I might pop a gap in your keister?

Then cousin's boyfriend (who works the bar) says, "Tish you come into the place and everything goes black," and someone snickers and says no pun intended. WTF!? So I ignore that bull spit and go about my business, but then back to that ticket. The cop puts a big ole "B" for black on the race section and I break. I love it when cute blond chicks tell me stories of how they get out of tickets...Not so much with this woman of color. $318...That's how much I have to shell out for that bad boy.

I need something to give. I need something miraculously lovely to happen. This little light of mine ain't shining.

This one piece of paper sent me into tears


  1. I wish I could give you a hug and make you a bloody mary. For the record, I have never gotten out of a ticket (maybe because instead of "cute" blond, I would be labeled as "snarly blond hater of authority figures", but who knows... I think I may have issues.)

    Get out of your apartment. Maybe it is time for a major move? Like to Colorado? (I may need a nanny soon..... just saying.)

  2. Dude! I would SO be your Nanny McPhee!


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