Book Lovah!

Happy National Book Lover's Day!

Even though some of the holidays in August I posted were a bit absurd, I see nothing at 'tall wrong with this specific day. Book worms are squiggling and squirming in honor of those things with lots of words in them that make you think and learn and like make you smart and stuff.

In honor of this day I shall tell you about my lovely library experience over the weekend. I went to the Santa Monica Public Library and FINALLY got a library card. (I have one for the Los Angeles Public Library but those ones aren't as pretty and nice as this bad boy.)

The SMPL is perfection. Lots of beautiful books...people wait outside in big numbers for the doors to open every day. It's pretty impressive. It's like little book groupies. I swear I saw some panties thrown...that could have been the crazy homeless guy, though. I wouldn't be surprised with either scenario...Lots of gold diggers...lots of good weather for turtle people (those who wear their homes on their backs.)

I went straight to Guest Services and opened up an account. My library card is green!!! It's meant to be...

Then I went and bugged a friend of mine who works at that particular library who I haven't seen in three years. We both live in the area and still...tsk tsk.

I played in the kids section and checked out some fun kiddy reads and then I sat down with my current book, Think, and got lost for an hour or so.

I plan to read some more today and get my nerd on. Holla at a reasonable decibel!

Caught in a Book Daze...Books are crazy wild fun!


  1. Hey blog buddy- you should read Zero by Jane Morris. My friend wrote it. It's a clever critique of the vampire genre novels. I think you'd enjoy it. :)

  2. oo la la. where can i find it? does she do e-books?

  3. It's on amazon, but I can send you the ebook. As long as you pass it on if you like it ;) what's your email?

  4. OH pish posh! I'm writing two books right now so I understand fiscal support :) I'll buy that bad boy! Just want the e version :)

    Thank you for the suggestion!


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