Apartment Stories from the Walking Dead

Oh the agony of apartment hunting!

Jersey and I have been searching for weeks now. We came close, finding one place that we both fell in love with, but the stupid snail-of-a-lady took forever to get back to us on our application stuff and so someone else slipped in and stole it out from under us.

Friday after work we went and looked at two places...

The first one was enough to make a grown woman suck her teeth. It was feet away from a strip club and liquor store...NICE! Jersey joked that every Tuesday he'd leave me a note saying he'd be at our neighbors. Hmph...I would SO love to bring my family and his family out to California and expose them to our neighbor's booby tassels.

The other apartment we saw was in the midst of being destroyed by a UCLA Bruin boy who smoked like a chimney and smelled of stinky stank...I seriously looked at the apartment manager who had just told us the place was mad popular and wouldn't last long on the market and twitched.

We're seriously Goldilocks-ing the whole search adventure. One place is too small...the other doesn't have a washer and dryer...next one has too many crackheads...sigh. We just want a moderately big place that feels like home...

The day we find our place is the day my smile outshines the dang sun.


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