Acknowledging that Good 'Ole Abundance!

So I'm sitting at the Toyota dealership... Whining and wriggling over the reality that I had let those sneaky car blokes sucker me into thinking my brakes were in desperate need of new pads. Darn it all I hate dishing out money I haven't made peace with losing! I didn't get to say bye...I didn't get to mourn the loss...

Breath Tish, breath! Stop looking at your bank account! Stop worrying! All will be fine. Ramon noodles can work for awhile.  I was going over my version of affirmations when I overheard this happy woman leaving a message for her friend about an audition she was going on this weekend. She had planned to drive up to Northern Cali for the Sade concert (people, I eavesdrop) but now she was flying so she could make it to the audition and then get to the concert in time. (All My Sons at the Matrix.) I sat there thinking about how lucky she was that she could just book a plane trip that easily...with no concern for costs...sigh...amor...dreams, dreams, dreams.

My DNA is pretty hardwired. My first reaction was to cry inside; compare my luck to the luck of this beautiful woman's and sign up for the pity party in room B, but then I remembered abundance breeds abundance and with that, room B's door gently closed shut.

I smiled that someone physically existing in my presence was making it... And succeeding and loving her life and her circumstances...loving the auditioning process and her friends. According to the theory, news such as this isn't supposed to represent a slap in the's little signs to let you know you're in the right spot.

THIS good news had made it's way into my life for a reason...THAT made me smile. It's no coincidence that my agent called the same day to push me into getting new head shots and to set up a meeting to renew my contract. Out of ALL the days that my agent could have called...

This is a new day, y'all. I'm quick to compare and then throw my body over some proverbial cliff...that new page I turned states that cliffs aren't really my bag. Abundance!!!


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