You've Got it Joben!

I've noticed lately that I've been given more and more responsibility on the job. I'm dealing with directors on a daily basis...I've prided myself on the fact that I could talk to anyone without fear, but lately I've been noticing a change...

I've been trying to sound all big wordy-like...and I'm not good at it because I'll sit there and pull Peter's like it's nobody's business. I say the weirdest ISH to these folks. Sometimes I blank out completely and just say something equally awkward like, "Oh I don't know the word. It's Friday..." or "It's Monday, who needs nouns and sentences," and then I'll make up words like totes magotes and keep on truckin'.

Face to palm.

Latress on the menjay


  1. "sleee-app-in' mah beeass!:

  2. how did i NOT know that you were a fan of this fine film as well!?


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