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Something lovely has been building lately...

I love being a woman and having strong, dynamic and loving women in my life. I admire our spirits, our gifts and our ability to connect and empathize. I was taught to honor my friendships and honor I do. I can't help but notice that as I grow older that belief in honoring women grows stronger as well.

Without being a total downer, I  can say that while honoring women is necessary, embracing all is not. I've learned the hard way that this is so. That realization has been difficult, but necessary. They say that the universe will provide once you make room. I'm now a believer! I let go and then phenomenal women promptly started popping up in my life...leaving me with precious knowledge.

The first woman is my current work mentor. How often is it that you meet someone who's willing to encourage and assist with your career? Seriously! Sadly, I don't know a lot so I was totally loving up Mentor's lessons. She offers up books to read. She goes over projects I'm working on and helps me look at the bigger picture. She tweaks my work and allows me to pick her brain about life in general. She's one of the big reasons why I actually listen on conference calls now. Talk about an impossible pickle to chomp on...

The second woman I'll call Milly. Milly is actually a friend of Jersey's who took me aside last week. Have you ever met someone who literally lights up a room when she enters? You can actually tangibly feel her good energy radiating its way out of her? Milly is a force of sunshine not to be reckoned with...definitely one of those rare women who actually feels comfortable in her skin and her capabilities. She spoke to me about my writing and what it means to her and others...she pressed me to realize my gifts...said she'd shank me if I didn't realize who I am and what I'm capable of. I mean inspiring, lovely words that pushed their way into my heart so hard the tears came out with heart beats.

It's lovely when people look into you and say, "I see you. I really, truly see you." It was a conversation that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The third woman, K, sent me an email pertaining to a previous blog post. K is this brilliant brain whose words capture the ears of everyone in her midst. She's smart, funny, personable and genuine. When that kind of woman takes the time out of her busy schedule to play catch up, I smile the good smile--The wise smile that forces me to raise my head up and let the light shine in.

Women are so quick to judge, so quick to sling hurtful words blindly into once full hearts. We have the ability to rip and so many times we do just that...evolving into visceral monsters--perverse replicas of what we should have become...strong.

That's why you should honor those who encourage your ascents. Beautifully simple intentions are the spoons full of sugar necessary to survive in this world.


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