Vivid Imagination

Every morning I walk out to my car and start dumping bags and such in my backseat. There's always this white truck waiting for me...and this is when snarky thrives in me best...

Actions that usually take seconds become slooooower. I casually walk around the car...check the tires...walk back around. You get my drift... I take my time because why? Because I've created a story for this white truck.

It's 7am in the morning! What is he doing at 7am in the morning? He's never there on the weekends or in the evenings...He can't live near me so he MUST be a man living a double life. He's got a lover that he stops and sees before work...or after his night shift. SHAMEFUL! I despise this white truck. I punish him by taking my time and keeping him that much longer.

Except today I learned he's not some naughty, scandalous man. He's a Ford Truck employee and parks on my street and then walks to work...This would explain the never seeing him on the weekends...Never seeing him in the evening...Always arriving at 7am when I'm leaving. I saw him walking today with his employee shirt on and I swear, my shoulders started to rise as my head started to lower.

Really Tish?! Your imagination is wayyy out in left field because that is some dramatic ish! I swear I need to read Anne Frank's book again...

"Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart."

and stop watching Reality TV!


  1. love it.

    Because I think I've got the same same problem.

    But it's because my "reality" could oftentimes be the script for a lifetime movie.

    (oh dear family how I love you but COME ON...SERIOUSLY!)

    so sometimes I just - go there - automatically too.

    I need anne frank as well.

  2. make me feel better. we should read together lol <3


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