Tiffany & Co.

This post is brought to you by the folks who are breaking down barriers and proving that Tishy belongs in no kind of box!

I have not one bone in my body that wants a wedding of my own. I don't want to plan one. I don't want to think about that ish...Nope, nada , NO WAY JOSE! ...BUT, I love hearing people's proposal stories. I love seeing how they've planned and executed their day. That part's fine.

I think this is perfectly acceptable, but people still look at me like baby kittens are clawing their way out of my eyeballs when I say I love all things Tiffany & Co. I love the history and the romance they've hammered into that brand. I don't necessarily pine for an actual ring from that expensive arse store...just love the idea of the place.
I came home the other night with a new iPhone app called What Makes Love True and Jersey looked at me...well, like baby kittens were clawing their way out of my eyeballs. That is until I pushed play and he was magically glued to my screen listening as cute couples told their proposal stories. (directed by Edward Burns..growl) There's even a section where you can pinpoint where you fell in love with your boo. (IF you live in NYC that is...still cute, though!)

It's all so very When Harry Met Sally and I love that ish up! STILL...No boxes...not even little canary blue ones.



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