The last time I visited J Boogie at home we did a little book exchange of sorts. I gave her a copy of The Help which is currently my top read of 2011 and she gave me a book called Think: Dumb American Syndrome. I JUST finished a book over the weekend so I picked up her suggestion last night and kiwi luv, am I glad I did!

I've read a couple of pages and I'm liking what I'm reading:

"Twenty-five percent of young American women would rather win America's Next Top Model than the Nobel Peace Prize. Twenty-three percent would rather lose their ability to read than their figures."

I'm down with regrouping...switching up some of my priorities and actually using my noodle for a change. Why not! Less Reality TV, less social networking (to conquer boredom), more reading, more physical activity...MORE THINKING!

Tish Mentality 2011: Focus on the brain wrinkles, less on the face ones!

Word to your mother.


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