Something's up with my dreams lately...

Dream 1: I had a dream I was having an argument with someone I know.

Later: I woke up knowing exactly what I had yelled...and vowed I wouldn't actually do something like that. Later that day I did exactly what was in my dream...provoked to the point where I couldn't hold it in.

Dream 2: I was cleaning up poop in a toilet. (Don't judge me.) I couldn't get the poop to go away. I'd wipe and wipe and more poop would just smear around. lol...I never once questioned why I was cleaning up poop in a toilet.

Later: I woke up the next morning, went into the kitchen and noticed this nasty grease crap had dripped down again onto the stove. I went to wipe it and it just kept getting worse and worse...After three attempts to get out the dark nasty stuff it dawned on me...Dream coming true...AGAIN.

Dream 3: Creepiest dream by far. Months ago I dreamed that this chick I ran Spartan with was a lawyer and lived in this home with this huge wall of books (like in Beauty and the Beast).

Later: Fast forward to yesterday. I was in the gym and noticed the Spartan friend from dream on the bikes. I pranced on up to her and noticed she was reading a history book about people from the 20th century. I joked with her that like my dream she was totally lawyer-like. She looked at me confused and said, "Well I am a lawyer, Tish." I blinked twice and asked if she was serious. She then went into this story about how she had practiced law back East and just wasn't licensed yet in California. I ran to Jersey and asked if she was jerking me around. He confirmed she really was and chills ran down my spine.
What does this all mean? I don't know, but my mom swears that the women in our family were cursed once. Any girls with red hair would be witches....My hair turns red in the summers AND I paid for some super red highlights a while back so I'm going with I'm a bit witchalicious.

If I start a sentence with, "Last night I dreamed..." make sure to pay attention...mmmkay, pumpkins?


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