Need: Use that Four Letter Word Wisely

I have a dear friend whose very breaths can cast spells over the words she speaks. If one were to kiwi-ify that, he or she would say that she pretty much spits sparkles whenever she's gabbing with the Universe at large. She'll mention she needs something...tell a few people of this said need and VOILA! Sparkles start bouncing around all sticky-like and before she can say, "Mary Poppins ain't got ISH on me," someone's asking her out of the blue if she'd like to help with a project that's been irking her...if she'd like to be the CEO of Awesome Inc...if she'd like to accept this totally free whatever that would totally help her with whatever positive endeavor she's currently trying to go after.

I would sit back mesmerized. I asked her how she was doing it and she pulled a muther truckin' Oprah. By this I mean she said she would just sit and wait for the Universe to whisper what she needed to do or say and then she would follow through with what she'd hear. She actively listens. Are you taking notes, because I'm starting to!

I give full credit to my joy to the blue period of my life. When depression hit, I stopped. And I mean I stopped doing everything that lead to connections...whether that be with friends, books, all stopped and when I woke up out of that scary silent place I was left with quiet peace. It was in that peace that I started hearing the whispers that J was hearing. (Some people call this praying...)

J noticed it immediately. She praised me for kicking butt in life. I was rocking on the job, I was cleaning up my life, cleaning out relationships that were no longer supportive, I started working on my book again, planning big trips over the ocean...

I smiled as I read her words...that was me...moving with the Universe instead of fighting against it. It all started with an Oprah episode...a director challenging the public at large to take only what was needed...and to stop living in a state of wanting (living similar to cancer--forever consuming until it kills its host and moves on.) So I stopped being cancerous. I stopped looking for the next possession I just had to have and started focusing on what I already had and could appreciate. That forced me to take a hard look at my life and edit down. I started letting go of things I no longer needed, feeling lighter and lighter as I went.

I listened on the job. Honestly, I literally started listening on conference calls and paying attention as people explained things to me. I started caring and work started to feel less of a chore.

I listened to my body and my friends who were telling me to get help and to keep pushing for peace of mind. I got on some better medication and voila! My energy came back. I began to work out and feel good again. 

J recommended Think and inspiration for my writing came back. That's when a new title for my book came to me...and when I went to write it down more words started flowing and I felt that I needed to pull out my editor's suggestions...and I fixed everything she suggested. I hadn't been able to touch that book since May and even that was a small poke.

Some friends invited Jersey and I to go to Hawaii with them next year...and then Jersey brought up a trip we've casually discussed for a year now (a family reunion to the Philippines) so we started actively planning that trip; setting money aside.

Things just happened once I listened....and I keep getting little signs that I'm on the right path. I read these beautiful song lyrics on Ink + Wit...It's kind of creepy how right on the words are, eh?

“The universe speaks to us always first in whispers….and if you don’t pay attention to the whisper, it gets louder and louder…” ~Oprah

There's no need to plan out where your life is SUPPOSED to go...where you should be. Just stop. Just listen. Just wait for the whispers....

Art by Tish: New iPad App...holla if you want it!


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