Mysterious Love Bites

Are y'all watching this?! Did anyone else experience the male equivalent of entertainment depravity? ("You know, no football, no basketball, no sports I don't know what to do?! Scratching my balls just will NOT be enough!") I always experience that at the beginning of the summer, but this little verano I had the luxury of finding two new shows that have me loving the boob tube: Love Bites and Sherlock.

Love Bites is juicy because it's an anthology series which focuses on three different stories each episode. There's these two main characters, a dude in Cali and a New York gal (Ugly Betty's Amanda!) and each story somehow relates to either one of them in clever, nifty ways. It's impossible to get bored! It's genius! Even Jersey watches it with me. Trust me, that's HUGE. I DVR it each week and then spend the rest of the week watching bits and pieces...little treats I spread out for delight.

Sherlock is my first smart show. (blink, blink) You read me correctly. I don't usually watch stuff because I feel the need to be intellectually challenged. (Just keepin' it real) Like my books, I'm looking for a nice, light escape. Brigid, my sneaky little friend, hoodwinked into me watching the show a couple weeks ago and I love it so much. It's smart. It's beautifully shot. The characters can act their arses off and it's captivating like a muther trucker! I find myself squeezing my eyes shut during suspenseful parts. My nerves go crazy. It's an intriguing, humorous show and I can't WAIT for season 2. Bring on the dang mystery!


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