A Little Picasso

Last weekend I got to chill with some awesome little runts by the name of Chuck, Brook Brook and Junie.

I've been babysitting since I was a wee lassie so I've pretty much got kid stalking down cold. Chuck's a teen so she just did her own thing, which meant I needed to actively listen to her discuss her life...kids just want to know they matter, ya know? Junie is 11 months old so he pretty much watched Despicable Me and laughed into his bottle while Brook Brook, the soon-to-be threebers looked to me with all the sass she could muster and asked what in the heck I was gonna do to entertain her.

Enter stage right THE iPAD! (dramatic trumpets!!!)

I love Stella the iPad, I do, but I'm not really a fan of kids shoving their faces into one to play brainless video games. For me, that meant finding her something that would engage her brilliant little mind.

(Enter Stage Right!) I found art apps and a happy child I most certainly saw. She doodled and edited her work for hours...
I love three-year olds... No one's told them yet that there's a right and wrong way to make art. No one's stomped on their little minds' imaginations. You tell them to go for it and watch as their little eyes light up as their little worlds come to life.


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