July Weekends

It's these kinds of weekends that make living in California peachy perfect keen. This weekend Jersey and I wrangled Diva Dara, Nehe, the Loverchinis, and B and her boo together for a nice beach shindig. We scrambled up some light pasta salad, sandwiches, grapes, blueberry fizz and headed out at 10am to pay homage to our inner water bugs.

There's something about the beach and our group of friends that makes me get all warm and weepy inside...

Kid was not liking the ocean temperature

...but he was digging my hat

naps while the boys played

Take nap. Drink some blueberry fizz and be gorgeous

Mamacita D made peach pie...like the best I've ever had!

Jedi mind tricking the camera...he's good like that

Pisces Queen just couldn't resist listening to the waves


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