Jersey Luv


The man I luv doesn't need much to smile. As I've mentioned before, he just needs some good tunes and it's settled. He's scrunching the eyes, he's biting the lip, he's hip hopping his arms (yeah, I just created that verb.) It's's one of his many isms that made me fall in love with him so I try to encourage the behavior as much as possible.

One of his favorite groups happens to be a group I dig as well: A Tribe Called Quest. For me, Tribe equaled luv when Beats Rhymes and Life came out. "Stressed Out" was my jam! (still is...)

For Jersey it was love at first listen. He always loved them...can rap along to all that ish...never breaking a sweat; never skipping a word. The Low End Theory can be found in his stereo at ALL TIMES...all times.

So you can imagine, after reading all of this, how eager I was to say yes when he asked if I'd be his +1 for a special documentary showing of Beats Rhymes and Life. The director, Michael Rapaport, was there to answer questions from the fans. It was so perfect.

Jersey sat there, totally focused, soaking all that Tribe goodness up...and that happy crack mentality lasted hours after the show was said and done with. 

Diva Dara says her wise momma taught her that you should love and expect nothing in return. WELP...I love him like that...and the luv gods smiled down in approval and showered me with a happy, hip hop enthusiast whose gangsta makes me weak in the knees.

That's the scenario Tribe!!!



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