I bawled.

The last Harry Potter film was seriously the end of a sweet era. For me, it was like finding out I really wouldn't turn into a mermaid if I ate lettuce and beans and sat in the bathtub for a really long time...or learning leprechauns would never pop out of trees and leave me treasures...the era of magic and imagination faded away as the credits started rolling. And that's why I began to cry at the very beginning of the darn movie.

...and the middle.

...and in all the sad parts, the heroic parts, the sweet parts, the touching parts, the scary parts...you get my drift? Heck, I even cried after I was out of the theater. I saw a cute little boy with his parents. He was dressed like Potter; walking into the theater casually--still confident this wouldn't be the last magical thing he'd ever see or believe in.

Some of you may be slowly backing away from your computers right now...wondering if I've seriously fell off my rocker, but I've always loved that part of childhood. The act of believing in adventure, magical stories and plots that twist my heart into knots. Do we have anything like that now? Is there anything left? I don't know...I'm sure we'll have more J.K. Rowlings popping up in the world (I at least believe in that) but that doesn't stop me from whimpering in a corner for the current situation.

I was sucked in completely. I don't remember if I breathed actually...during the whole movie. All I know is the girl beside me was bawling so I felt it was perfectly acceptable to weep out loud too. (sniffles and all)

I called J right after and we hashed over the whole darn movie...She actually read a Harry book to me on the way out to Los Angeles so many years ago so it was really sweet to gab once again...

I swear these movies are gonna be a prerequisite for my kids some day. Did you read Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret? Did you watch/read the Harry Potter books? Sweet! You are now officially my kid.

The aftermath...All that's left  Harry


  1. I am so going to miss the Harry Potter movies. I wish they could go on forever. I'm not sure what will fill that void.


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