I love for this...

I loathe nothing more than pretentious novel enthusiasts who only read the classics blah blah blah and look at you like your crazy for picking up a copy of Twilight because you needed some good 'ole easy lovey dovey ish .

I personally detested Catcher in the Rye, thank you very much. I'm not much for spoiled little boys like Holden Caulfield. That's just me and how I roll...or read rather. So seeing this list of best books of the 20th century and then seeing Harold and the Purple Crayon- a book that I happen to love greatly (love to give it to people for booky baby showers) made my eyeballs so very happy.

I currently have 20+ books in my "too-read" section and that warms my heart. The site tickles two of my favorite delights: organization and books.

My inner bookworm is inching to the beat...its version of a happy dance.


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