Flower + Truck

Photo by Jersey

Jersey has always had this unbelievable eye for a good shot so I figured I'd start bragging showing off some of the stuff that makes me swoon...and forget that he is quite insistent that we wash his plastic forks and spoons (I throw them away...in the trash...where they belong...when he's not home)

...Also helps me forget that he listens to really bad booty masogynistic rap crap occasionally...and can't seem to remember to stop a gal from going into the bathroom right after he's given birth to the most fowl stink babies you can imagine on your worst day.

His work helps me forget all that.

...Not so sure that's a good thing, though now that I'm truly processing all of that. They say love is blind, but they never really mentioned butt aroma tolerance, now did they?

Luv and Kiwi,



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