This past weekend really was pretty dang awesome. Friday, of course, was Dolly and that alone could have kept me nice and happy for the rest of the mini vacay from work, but the Big Guy Upstairs was being generous with the happy happy and just kept dishing out the sweet stuff.

On Saturday morning Jersey and I got up and skipped our way into a Verizon store (kind of like how they skip in the movie The Wiz.) It was there that he bought an iPhone. Doesn't seem like a big deal, right? Well it IS if your boyfriend happens to be the LAST person you know who hasn't switched over to a smart phone! Dude can't let go of his ish now. He used to tease me constantly for loving my Poppins more than him (that's mostly untrue)...We went for brunch after his purchase and he sat there the whole time adding apps and asking me questions about his baby. I had to even explain to the waitress it was his first day in the 21st century. She proudly whipped out her iPhone baby in solidarity. We're a strange mafia...I admit this freely.

We followed that fun with some Sur la Table shopping (BPA free tupperware sale in the hizzouse!!!) and then raced back to the casa de kiwi to prepare for the night. What night you ask? Outdoor Cinema Food Fest that's what! We called upon our homies in crime: E, her boyee and the Loverchinis a couple weeks back and asked if they'd be down for watching Reservoir Dogs. They said yes and we said sweet!

And then we all lived happily ever after that night eating great food truck food, shivering under blankets and laughing our butts off. I had never seen that particular Tarantino flick...It was most excellent. There should have been a Mr. Green, but overall I enjoyed the classic Q.T. shots and story. Now I'm itching for some Kill Bill action.

Sunday we met up Diva Dara and her family at this gorgeous, perfect church we attend sometimes. She's currently shopping places to baptize the little one. I recommend that all new parents bring their babies to churches. I LOVE the sound of a baby's laugh in such a place. Nehe shrieked with joy when the music would start up and then he'd squeal and kick his foot to the beat. (Clear case of the little g feeling the Holy Ghost up in THUR!)  Nothing could ever sound as sweet...

 After we grabbed some burgers at one of our local hangouts and reveled in our lovely weekend. It just couldn't have been more perfect. The weather in Santa Monica has been brisk...perfect for walking hand-in-hand with your fella and talking with the locals...grabbing some of THE most beautiful flowers for 8 dollars and people watching.

Jersey even admitted he loved our hood...and then I exitooted. (That's when you toot out of excitement.)

His name is Jersey, people. THAT right there was a defining moment. That's one step for man...One HUGE GIANT leap over a pond full of poo for mankind.

Luv and kiwi,


[photos by Jersey]


  1. Reservoir Dogs is my mother's favorite movie of all time. She is one sick puppy. And also awesome.

    I love that you're able to do things outside because it's not 105 degrees with a gazillion percent humidity outside in L.A.. And by "love," I mean hate! :-)

  2. lol it was brisk...cool, almost chilly

    ps your mama is one sick puppy if that's her favorite lol!!! also hella cool


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