Dolly in the Bowl



Dolly Day was one of my favorite LA days by far. Not only did I get to share it with a kindred soul, but she came sportin' a '67 Mustang convertible so that we could arrive at the Hollywood Bowl in La La Land style.

Her hubby is one of those men who loves to cook...and when I mean he loves to cook, I mean he actually LOOKS happy while he's doing it. The man has passion for the spices...passion for the flame and that romance results in food that makes me wiggle like a worm on a hook.

He packed us two chickens. Diva Dara made this caprese spread, fruit salad...It was pure perfection. As soon as one of my other pals, Maria, showed up it was on and popping. We laughed, cried, sang really loud and looked on in awe. She was some kind of amazing.

She's a phenomenal entertainer; there's no question about that, but she's also this spiritual goddess. I wasn't prepared for that. She was so endearing and wise...

She told us all to stay focused on our dreams, shared the stories of her childhood in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains and even rapped at one point. Crazy ISH!

Perfect Night.


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  2. Didn't I tell you to move here?! Didn't I?! At one point we commented on how lucky we were that there are no bugs here...we could just sit outside at a concert and wiggle in our unbitten skin.

  3. Okay, that seems like way too much fun. Jealousy setting in right about...............................................NOW!


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