Day 28: e (Motion)

Women are amazing I tell ya...

Jersey and I watched The Season of the Witch over the weekend and of COURSE (because I'm a nerd) I had to drop some knowledge about the witch hunts as well as the theories that women were hunted because they were threats to men's pee pee mentalities.

We're healers and soulful. We're muses and mothers, givers and girlfriends. Yet, we're constantly told we're not supposed to honor these parts of our powers. My friend Ev is a sweet and kind mother. She's a sassy friend who always shares her truths. The beauty in this is she never offends...just one of the many reasons why I consider myself lucky to be a pal of hers.

Here's the rub: Women are also always downing their beauty. Ev's no different. She swears up and down we're lying to her when we compliment. So this photo challenge is a message to her. You're beautiful baby!!! Now go whip that hair!

The Challenge


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