Apples + Oranges

Jersey and I have many similarities that brought us together, but that doesn't stop us from yin yanging all over the gosh durn place.

Last weekend he asked if I'd help him create a beach playlist and THAT my friends is when I was reminded he's totally an apple and I'm totally a yummy zesty orange. You see, Jersey lives up to his name. He needs beat and bass...something to fist pump to...Something to get him in a Jersey state of mind. He grew up on strictly Rhythm and Blues...What does that mean, you ask?

That means he doesn't know ISH about The Beatles (that one about killed me!), or Pink Floyd, Dolly, Willy, Elvis, the Flaming Lips, GoGo's, Michael name any rockstar or crooner who hasn't partnered up with Jodeci and you'll find my dearest with a blank look on his face. "Is it panty droppin' music? No? Yeah, don't know them then, sorry."

I sat there throwing out names like the Mamas and the Papas and he'd shoot back judgement...Like somehow I'm the weird one. Ha!

You know, at one time, I thought I had to date someone that listened to the same stuff I did. I just assumed that music was the perfect I'm a bit (JUST A BIT NOW!) more mature, though. Blame it on the pher-pher-pher-pha-pheromones or Cupid's invisible arrow but even though he can't relate to my "Coat of Many Colors" emotional connections, we sure can sit and watch a flick like The Wackness and fist pump our similar funny bones in unison.

We totally walked out for a lovely weekend and noticed we were rockin the same ish. SEE!


  1. Ryan and I have completely different musical tastes. He likes underground really really wordy rap. I like rock. We're just different like that.

    However, I more align with your Mark on the music stuff. I'd push Michael Bolton out of the way for some Jodeci. And Pink Floyd sounds like Animal Collective.

    Ewww dorks! Only dorks dress alike! :-)

    By the way, I think The Whackness was whack.


  2. Twinkie lol I would on first type mouth off and say we are the worst twinkies in the world but then there are other flicks and songs that are WAY better that we agree on so you and are safe...for now.

  3. There are soooooo many musicians out there in the world. At least 10. LOL. We're bound to not agree on all of them. But need I mention Edward Sharpe? Or the Black Keys? Or The Kills? See, we have music in common after all. We are great twinkies! Our twinkiedom is secure. ;-)


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